Luca Migliore

Quaderno di Scienze

A different way to study the chemistry

  • Laboratory of Information Design, Iuav University in Venice (Italy)
  • Professor: Katerina Dolejsova
  • When: from March 2013 to May 2013
  • Teammates: Laura Dal Bo', Marina Mangiat and Beatrice Rachello
  • Technology involved: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Processing, Adobe Creative Suite

Quaderno di Scienze is a useful and fun web-app designed to teach science to medium-school students (10-13 years old).
The app is thought as part of a system of applications to teach a range of different subjects. They are characterized as being interactive and stimulating students curiosity.
The goal of the project was the realization of a tool useful and easy to use for children.
The service will not replace the school book, but possibly it will integrate them. Inside the app, students can find the same topics of the common book, but they are presented in a different way. Interactive diagram maps will make discover new items, the have the ability to present the problem from a different prospective. Illustrations have the ability to bring the attention of children as interaction sections do. The video-lessons are a third way to learn the study subject. They are very attractive and have the capacity of stimulating students to append new contents in more quickly.

The different apps which are part of the system: science, math, Italian, art, history. All of them will be available to students. All the application will use the same visual language. In this way, it will be easy for students recognize the interface and he has not to learn a new visual language each time he wants to study with a tablet.

There is not a real index as in a book, but there are different levels of maps which drive the student toward the lesson he has to take.
In this way, students start to understand the composition and the relations between different study subjects. The order of the different topics are not casual, but remarks the similarities and the differences between them.

The lesson has a green layout, and can be watched in a video or read a text/diagram map.

There are "plus" lessons (yellow layout), interactive exercises (red layout) and a profile-page where the student can collect his medals, which gain by completing a whole cycle of lessons and the relative exercises.

My Role
I worked with the other team members in creating a strong concept. After have been drawn the whole storyboard for the animation, Marina and I were responsible for the illustration and the animation of the video-lessons.
I also focused my energy in the video prototype of the app and for some quick test made by web script for testing the interfaces.