Luca Migliore


UI Workshop with Spotify

  • Workshop of User Interface, Iuav University in Venice (Italy)
  • Professor: Susanne Stage and Stanley Wood, from Spotify
  • When: January 2013
  • Technology involved: Adobe Creative Suite

The Brief
One week workshop: design an interface for a podcast app or a radio channel.

During the five days of workshop, we were devided in teams to create concepts and storyboards for a radio podcast app, each group worked on a specific category.Then each one his own worked on a subcategory create a specific visual style.
My team and I choose to create an app for hobbies called Cinnamon. After that we have created a common storyboard for the category. I decided to focus on the subcategory of “mobile-game podcast”.
For my screen, I decided to let me inspired by old computer graphic, for this reason I choose old computer-style font as it is OCR-A, for the same reason the color of mt brand is a bright green.