Luca Migliore

Bottled Water War

Il Business dell'Acqua

  • Workshop of Data Visualization, Iuav University in Venice (Italy)
  • Professor: Katerina Dolejsova
  • When: January 2012 (2 weeks)
  • Technology involved: Adobe Creative Suite

Design a double page spread inpiered on the italian magazine IL (Intelligence in Lifestyle). The graphics has to present different datas about the topic R+R+R (Reuse, Reduce and Recycle).

Concept of the Project
I decided to describe the business behind the sale and consumption of bottled water.
Italy is a strange market for them. Unlike other country with an high consuption of bollted water, Italy has a good and healty tap water but marketing convinced a big number of people, that tap water is unhealty unlike bottled ones. My study highlights that this conviction is false. Often tap water is healtier than bottled one; moreover, tap water is incredibly cheaper, is more controlled by authority and people can use it without polluting the earth.
For beein producted, bottled water needs: water and plastic bottles (of course). Plastic need to be producted. It's came from oil processing. Moreover plastic factories are far away from water factories, so trasportation is indispensable.
According to my study about the best selling water brands, the bottles are consumed far away from water factories. Often in north Italy are consumed water from the south and vice versa.
All these factors motiveted me to describe this absurd business.

Final Project
After a number of tests, I decided to focus on three factors.
First of all I decided to show that there are no difference from tap water to bottled one. I find interestd data from all the 110 italian districts. I base the dataset on the italian map, in this way I could geolocalize also the best selling water brand, showing how far they are and how many kilometers they have to do to get to the final consumer.
After that, I wanted to describe how much pollution each plastic bottle produces. For this reason, on the corner of the pages I describe each step that a bottled water needs for beeing consumed: from production to become a refuse. At the center of the right page I put an european map showing the enormus amount of refusal of bottle made in Italy, compared to other european countries. Finnaly, on the same map, I showed how the bottle will dispose of. Demostrete that not only in Italy we produce too much useless plastic, but almost 1/3 of that will go to a landfill.